Rise (Eve, #3)

Rise (Eve, #3) - Anna Carey http://divainpyjamas.blogspot.com.au/

Incredible. I love the dystopian world that Eve resides in, where the population live in fear, where girls are treated as inferior and where a naive girl can grow into a tough and fearless heroine. As far as series conclusions stand, this one is brilliant. Eve is cold and calculating but never loses her humility. The revolution comes to an epic final struggle for the citizens ruled with an iron fist. Be prepared for executions and a few heart stopping moments.

The final chapter left me feeling somewhat incomplete. It wasn't surprising, but lacked the emotion that you so desperately need after the turmoil during the finale. I flipped the Kindle page forward, then back again, then forward twice again, no epilogue. Let me just announce for the record, if a book has a sudden ending, I need an epilogue. If I had a permanent marker on me at the time, no doubt I would have scribbled my own across the Kindle screen in my exhausted deliria.