Ethereal Knights - Addison Moore

The Celestra is ridiculously entertaining. It can't be taken seriously, it's fun, flirty and completely and utterly ridiculous... But I still adore it. The Oliver boys have a cult following and now it seems by popular demand, we have Ethereal Knights, from dual points of view from both Cage and Logan.

The two boys are polar opposites, Cage is strong and seemingly the alpha male of the two, but in Ethereal Knights we see his sensitive side. His unrequited love for Skyla and the poems she inspires. Logan shows that he isn't always the sensitive, quiet soul, his inner dialogue is nothing more than a lust filled teenage boy.

The point of view from both boys can be a little out of context at times, one minute they will describe the weather on the island as poetic euphemism for making love, the next they are talking about having a painful erection thinking about Skyla. It can be a little awkward.

I love the Oliver boys, they really are the guilty pleasure of many women around the world. I would highly recommend this for fans of Celestra, who have read all previous eight books in the series.