Hysteria - Megan Miranda 3.5 Stars

I assumed that Hysteria was a supernatural novel, but it was a young adult contemporary thriller, and pretty entertaining. Mallory isn't a strong character, but she's likable and even seems like a magnet for trouble. She believes that she is mentally unwell, the dreams, the voices, so when she wakes up bruised, she tries to ignore it. As her mother says, if you don't see it... It's not real.

Mallory's parents... If they locked her in a dungeon and fed her bread and water, I'd still be of the same opinion. Yes, she killed a boy under duress, but the both emotionally abandoned her. But bad parents aside, it was quite entertaining. It was a light read as you would expect from a young adult novel, but with a few twists and mild suspense, I really enjoyed it.