Belonging (Temptation, #2) - Karen Ann Hopkins

Where the Amish were simple, yet endearing in Temptation, the first novel in the series, in Belonging, they come across as prejudiced, sexist, narrow minded folk that teach their love of god, but see no issue in treating Rose with vitriol and contempt... And Noah is no better. If Belonging is any indication, modern society is far more accepting of the Amish lifestyle, than vice versa.

Clearly, loving someone means compromise, surely.

Karen Ann Hopkins' style of writing is laid back and realistic. She isn't afraid to let her characters experience traumatic and heartbreaking situations. The characters all have defining traits and complex personalities. As frustrating as I found the Amish community, to the point of being angered, you know you've stumbled upon a great writer when a book can evoke such strong emotions. Really enjoyed it.