Elysian (Celestra, #8) - Addison Moore 3.5 stars, regrettably. Removed half a star for Skyla.

Elysian is the eighth and final chapter in the long running Celestra series, that has been drawn out far longer than necessary. Told in two parts, both equally lengthy reads, some devoted readers may find the series finale frustrating. Skyla as usual, is indecisive and having Cage, Logan and Marshall dangling throughout almost the entirety of Elysian was annoying, flitting from one to the other at times.

Thank goodness readers are rewarded with a decision, strange as it may be. We also discover who wins the fraction war and what becomes of Chloe. Most of all, I'll miss step father Tad and the Landon family shindigs. Over the series, Tad had me snorting with laughter. The series is no doubt entertaining, but sadly Skyla's weakness for Oliver boys and 'Dudley', just became too overbearing. It felt as though every chapter was devoted to trying to get it on with a different 'boyfriend', only to end up questioning her choices and loving them all.

It IS a finale though... But not the end.