Icons (Icons #1) - Margaret Stohl Icons reminded me of [b:And All the Stars|13411999|And All the Stars|Andrea K. Höst|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348833505s/13411999.jpg|18675643], where alien towers had risen throughout the cities, specifically Sydney. Same premise, but Icons didn't feel as engaging. Up until I was half way through, I really couldn't comprehend the concept of the Icons, the Lords and The Day. The data reports throughout the book, where we see numerous correspondences to the Ambassador, only aided my confusion, also why the majority of characters were of Latino or Mexican decent.

It wasn't until I was through around three quarters, that it begun to engage me and the concept started clicking into place. Perhaps my thoughts were clouded due to a recent science fiction, alien invasion novel I recently read as well.

Well written, but it was too frustrating. I needed more of an explanation earlier in the novel to invest in the complex storyline.