The Unidentified - Rae Mariz The Unidentified is a brilliant, but eerily realistic concept about how our lives and especially those of teens today, are targeted by aggressive campaigns, verging on the age of consumerism. Sadly, it couldn't quite pull it off. The world building and development was excessive in relation to the supposed 'rebellion', and the book came to an abrupt, head shaking ending. It reminded me of Katie Kacvinsky's Awaken series, but half finished. I was on the verge of Kindle throwing frustration.

Authors, if you've got a unique concept, developed characters, spend the time pacing your book. This could have been brilliant, but with ninety percent of The unidentified being world building, nine percent action, and a measly sole percentage to wrap it up within a strange, abrupt and inconclusive ending, I'll be surprised if fellow readers don't share my frustration.