Falling For You - Lisa Schroeder Falling For You surprised me and continued to do so, throughout the book, which isn't necessarily a compliment. The book begins with Rae unconscious in the hospital, and then back dates the story from there. Every few chapters we see another glimpse of what is happening in that hospital room as the story continues.

The introduction of Nathan was odd, a little like a cardboard cutout put into a scene as an extra. Without spoiling the entire plot, there isn't any explanation for Nathan's obsession, why he latches onto the first girl he sees or why he falls apart and takes on the role of desperate and dangerous... Then gradually fades into the background, again with no explanation.

Nathan clearly has issues, Rae surprisingly realises early in their relationship but yet stays with him, mostly due to her being desperate for someone to love her, and peer pressure. Her close friend constantly dismisses Rae's concerns and it's seen as normal 'guy' behavior.

Hell no.

She asks to be left alone, that she needs space, that she doesn't want to see him anymore. She describes his behavior as 'creepy', he is stalking her rain, hail or shine, and generally wont take no for an answer. Sooooo, so called best friend asks when Rae is going to call him.

Say what?

Rae had people in her life who loved her, but beyond asking her how she was or if she needed to talk about 'It', that was the extent of the help she was offered. A teacher knew that something clearly wasn't right, as did a friend, even a boss / coworker, Rae is a minor, an adult in her life should have intervened before the incident that landed her in hospital even occurred.

The last piece of dialogue heard during her unconscious state was really touching, not tear worthy, but watery eyes are a given. Sadly, it's the only emotion (besides confusion) that I felt while reading this. I didn't hate it, by any means, but it felt unfinished.