A Really Awesome Mess - Trish Cook,  Brendan Halpin http://divainpyjamas.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/aeally-awesome-mess-by-trish-cook-and.html

Both Justin and Emmy are the newest residents and slot into the roles of the anorexic freak and the moping depressed kid, in their new merry band of misfits. The thirteen year old violent girl with the mouth to match. The hardcore addictive gamer, the girl with selective mutism and the boy with the identity issues. What bonds the odd group together, is the agreement that they all need something from one another. But what they didn't expect were loving, yet at times violent and jovial relationships with their group peers that they wouldn't have found if it weren't for Heartland.

A Really Awesome Mess was simply that, awesome. Told in both Emmy and Justin's points of view, the two main characters are completely different, yet find a kindred spirit in one another, seeing they've both been sent to Heartland Academy. The supporting characters are absolutely hilarious, and will have you snorting with laughter at their antics. The basis of the book surrounds the group of unlikely friends who are experiencing self loathing, mental illnesses or issues with social interaction, but yet it rises above the serious diagnosis of each teen in a positive, fun and hysterical light.

I absolutely loved it.