The Testing (The Testing, #1) - Joelle Charbonneau 3.5 Stars

The Testing is The Hunger Games, retold. Not an exact carbon copy, but a similar storyline, characters and fight to the death. It was well written, and I'm a fan of anything dystopian really, so I enjoyed it. It's basically a barren world with pockets of forced communities. After teens graduate, they have the opportunity to further their education, but only those selected for The Testing and pass will be able to attend. If you're chosen to be tested, there isn't any choice and you must attend. Failure to do so, results in being charged with treason and given the death penalty. Obey, and you need to fight for your life in a viscous game they disguise as a test of intelligence, wits and bravery.

The romance was terrible. I would have rated The Testing an extra star, if not for the forced relationship between Cia and Tomas. Michal the official, simply disappeared, but I wonder if he'll become of some importance in the second in the series.

Overall, if you loved The Hunger Games, you'll probably enjoy this. You'll at least be entertained. I'll definitely be continuing with the series.