Angel Evolution (The Evolution Trilogy, #1) - David Estes 3.5 Stars
Angel Evolution is David Estes first novel, and a unique take on the waging good verses evil. I've found quite a few young adult authors who venture into the concept of supernatural angels and demons, do so with a side of religion, or tend to stay within the general confines of demons being associated with evil, and celestial beings will save humanity. David has rewritten both supernatural stereotypes, and made it that of his own.

I didn't like Gabriel, whatsoever... And rightly so. At the introduction of Chris, I was hoping that he would sweep Taylor off her feet.

Regardless of the characters being slightly older than the typical young adult protagonists, Angel Evolution is more suited to the teen young adult reader, as the relationships between the characters don't stray into adult territory. I must add, it was a tad too young and clean for my own personal taste, but ideal for the younger reader.