You Are Mine (Mine, #1) - Janeal Falor I really enjoyed You Are Mine, and it pleasantly exceeded my expectations. It's well written and thrusts you in a cruel and unjust world for women, where they are treated like a possession, something to be used and abused. Serena is the main protagonist, and we see the world through her rebellious eyes. She doesn't want to be anyone's wife, she's not ready to bare children, and she certainly does not want to be owned. But in her world, women don't have choices, just Master's.

The Councilmen will bring out the feminist in most readers, especially that of Serena's father. My only complaint is that Serena seemed more competent than Zade, and I was hoping that his character would have been more rebellious, but I'm assuming that You Are Mine was only an introduction to his heroics.

A mix of fantasy, paranormal, dystopian and romance. It will appeal to a wide variety of young adult readers. I look forward to reading the next in the series.