The Liberator (Dante Walker, #2) - Victoria Scott
3.5 Stars
Dante Walker is one of the hottest male young adult characters, but in The Liberator, he finally meets his match in Aspen. Aspen isn't a love interest, there is no love triangle, which fans will be thankful for. She's a troubled soul who has allowed herself to become influenced by anyone who crosses her path, in the hopes that they'll stay with her. She's feisty with an attitude that will send most young men running, and isn't the least bit impressed by Dante's killer looks and bad boy smile. She couldn't care less. She just needs a friend, someone who won't ask for anything in return. Aspen has nothing left to give.

Charlie felt like an afterthought in The Liberator. She goes through her own journey while Dante is away, all too similar to Aspen. The distance puts a strain on Charlie and Dante's relationship, but their reunion at the hands of Aspen, is all the sweeter. I loved Annabelle and her attitude towards Kraven, who is clearly rattled by her presence. My only complaint is when Dante ventures into cool mode, which almost comes across as the opposite. He is effortlessly cool, only when he isn't trying to be. It's a bit too sleazy.

The Liberator was actually pretty good. I loved Aspen, she wasn't at all what I had expected. The final few chapters have alluded to an epic finale and I'll be either go hard, or go home... And I can't wait.