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The Earth Dwellers is a culmination of both The Dwellers and Country Saga series, resulting in a mind blowing conclusion as two merge into one. The battle is inevitable. The atrocities of both former President Nailin and King Goff pale in compassion to that of Borg Lector, President of the New City, the Earth Dwellers within the dome. The Natives and Tri Realms need to unite to stop a common enemy from Genocide, but can humanity prevail?

Told from multiple points of view, from the feisty Adele of the Moon Realm, the red hot Siena from Fire Country, with chapters From Dazz (Ice Country) and Tristan (The Sun Realm). It was brilliant! Not only does our favourite prickler Perry makes an appearance, but the collision of character world's is often hilarious at times, Siena teaching Roc 'Desert Language', my personal favourite. Yes, it was that scorchin' funny.

The Earth Dwellers, although not intentionally, carries an crucial message about being accepting of one another, without bias, bigotry, sexism or racial vilification... And I absolutely adored it, but sad to say goodbye to the characters I've grown to love.