My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont, #2) - Heidi  McLaughlin
My Unexpected Forever tells the story of single Dad Harrison, and widower Katelyn, each the best friend of Josie and Liam, book one in the Beaumont series. Katelyn is struggling with her husband's death, the funeral bringing Liam back into Josie's life, and bringing Harrison with him. Twins Elle and Payton have already formed a bond with Harrison's son Quinn, having adapted to the quiet life of Beaumont, far removed from bustling L.A.

It's clear that Katelyn and Harrison are both attracted to one another, but with the importance of their respective children's feelings, neither are willing to upset the close family unit, including their closest friends. The story of two single parents, testing the waters of new and uncharted territory is heartwarming, sizzling and hopeful. I preferred My Unexpected Forever, compared to Forever My Girl. It felt more realistic, emotional and I enjoyed every moment.

Will these two find the happily ever after they both so sorely deserve?