V is for Virgin - Kelly Oram Ramblings of a Diva Booknerd

3.5 Stars.
Val is a virgin. Born to a teen mother who gave her up for adoption at the chance of a better life, leaves her with only a letter and a necklace with the letter V. Eighteen year old Val is a popular girl, not so much with the 'in' crowd, but she had her best friend Cara and boyfriend Zach. Zach and Val have been dating for a few months, and have never discussed sex. He clearly assumed that, like most couples, the time would come where they would make the decision to take their relationship further, but Val is a virgin for a reason. She wont have sex until she is married. Once Val explains to Zach that she is waiting until marriage, he dramatically breaks off their relationship, and that's where the REAL story begins...

Fresh and funny in parts, but I was lost somewhere within the true meaning of the story. Was that it is better to wait until your in love or care about the person? Well, yes, that goes without saying. But there was no opposing voice, that it IS alright to have sex, the world wont end. As long as it's your decision and your not coerced. Zach's character was supposedly the voice of reason towards the end, but it wasn't a very strong point at all. A bit too one sided for me.

Val was likable in the beginning, but her 'virgin' crusade became more of a constant lecture and not supporting the cause. If that's your prerogative to wait until your married, more power to you, you go girl and other various cliched motivational sayings, but it's not for everyone. I just found her annoying by the end.