Stitch  - Samantha Durante

Stitch is the story of Alessa. The former perfect grade A student, until her life was thrown into chaos. Both her patents were tragically killed in a car accident during her senior year of high school and naturally it has left Alessa broken. Starting college is daunting enough, so when she is assigned a campus sorority, thankful not having to live in the lifeless standard dorm rooms, until she sees what appears to be a ghost... Or is it?

On a mission to discover the history of the house and the connection to the ghost who wears turn of the century attire, Alessa's entire existence is blown apart and life as she knows it may not be the reality that she quite expects.

Well written and the plot twists will not only surprise you, they'll blow you away.You can't give this book the review it deserves without giving away the surprising, yet shocking, storyline.