Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines *shakes fist at sky*
Goddamned cliffhanger.
Fallen Too Far was quite enjoyable. Blaire, the main character was tough, assured and independent, not to mention really likable. One scene made me quite emotional, where Rush discovers Blaire has spent the week eating peanut butter and bread, whilst staying in practically a broom closet in the rear of the household pantry. Forever the optimist, Blaire is only appreciative to have a warm bed and the bread and peanut butter she keeps in her room, so she wont go hungry. That vulnerability is sadly beautiful and adds another layer to her character. As much as most seem to swoon over the sleek and devastatingly handsome Rush, Blaire is the real star of Fallen Too Far, and I hope she finds her feet.