Paper Towns - John Green

This book started out really enjoyable, I found myself suppressing snorting laughter at the dialogue between Quinton and his friends, the second largest black Santa collection, one eyebrow bullies, miniscule penises, urinating in bottles and balls... Yes... Balls. It was immature but perfectly timed.

Half way through, what started as a light hearted comedy suddenly became very serious. Discussing mental health, self esteem issues and the pressure of being a teen on the cusp of adulthood. I was bitterly disappointed. I'm not shallow, but I was thoroughly enjoying Paper Towns up until that point and realised how similar it felt to one of his other works, Looking for Alaska.

With all three John Green novels I've finished, they all have the same sense if fun adventure, at least one eclectic character, an underlying social message and no ending. His novels are read to incite discussion, make us ponder life and those around us and leave you to draw your own conclusions on what happens after you read the final page.

It was witty, intelligent with brilliant banter and memorable characters, but for once I need John Green to give me a final, not up for interpretation, happy and satisfying ending, not the usual fence sitting.