Half-Blood (Covenant, #1) - Jennifer L. Armentrout http://divainpyjamas.blogspot.com.au/

3.5 Stars
I've been a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout since reading Obsidian, she has a way with words, but I enjoyed the Lux Series far more. Both series' are supernatural in nature, with attractive male main characters, a dime a dozen villains willing to fight to the death, and one of the main characters with a sarcastic and cheeky attitude, but the Lux Series is far superior.

It didn't feel original and reminded me of a cross between Divergent, Hex Hall and The Vampire Academy. It was entertaining, but I'm hoping Half Blood was a basic introduction to the series and that it can only get better from here. Alex is a spunky heroine and on the bad girl side. She constantly fighting her own inner demons and already by the end of Half Blood, there is realistic character development.

And Aiden? Oh yes. Enough said.