The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe 3 ¾ Stars

This book was undoubtedly beautifully written. I tend to steer clear of historical novels, but The Sweetest Dark felt more so of a modern supernatural tale, set in a historical era. For the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was entertaining, but I was in a state of confusion with the supernatural element. Involving dragons, morphing into a smokey haze, hearing melodies from metal objects, being 'of the stars' and being able to turn living objects into solid gold, it was all too overwhelming. The constant explanation of 'dragon protects star and star adores dragon', didn't explain much at all.

If Eleanor, Jesse and Mandy had of been angels and demons, witches and warlocks or any other mainstream type of supernatural, I would have given this a near perfect rating, sadly I just couldn't fathom the star and dragons connection with the Midas touch aspect.

It was simply beautifully written and unique. I won't fault the author for my own lack of understanding though. I'm looking forward to the second in the series, hoping the connection is clearer.