The Elite (The Selection, #2) - Kiera Cass The Elite is the continuation of The Selection, with the storyline focusing on the competition between the girls and America's lingering decision on whether to commit to the potential life as a princess, or the wife of a guardsmen. America has lost her nerve and flitting between the two boys, she has lost her sense of identity. Where Maxon was the unlikely and surprising front runner in The Selection, neither Maxon or Aspen are worthy in The Elite, nor does America deserve either one.

As far as the rebels are concerned, I was hoping that we would be introduced to their cause and how they are involved within the series... But nothing evolved beyond storming the castle. They seem as though they are merely scenery in a twisted love story of sorts. I still can't class the series as dystopian, rather not much more than romance. I'll be interested to read the synopsis for the third book in the series. I suspect it'll be little more than Maxon choosing a bride, and America stringing along both boys. Here's hoping I'm wrong.