Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan 2.5 Stars
I was taken with the story of Emma and the emotional turmoil that she has never been able to escape from. Her father dying in her birthday, her alcoholic mother blaming her with vicious insults, her aunt physically and mentally abusing her, while Emma quietly continued to allow the abuse to continue. Out Of Breath takes place two years after Emma walked away from Evan, and Emma isn't the same girl anymore... She's worse.

Perhaps it may be harsh, but before I had even begun Out Of Breath, Emma was grating in my nerves. She's a tormented girl who can't save herself, but needs constant reassurance and attention, as she clearly doesn't have the emotional capacity to care for herself. Listen honey, if your that disturbed, a man isn't going to miraculously cure your insanity. The highlight were the remaining few chapters, and I wish I has skipped the rest. Perhaps I've reached my tolerance for broken, abused girls who wallow in self pity... But seemingly find enough confidence to find a random male for sex.