The Program (The Program, #1) - Suzanne Young

The Program could be the elephant in the room for quite a number of teens nowadays. The awkward conversations that adults try to engage in when they see a warning sign, that something may be wrong with their child. The Program isn't far from that aspect, in theory.

Parents, teachers and adults seeing depression or emotional turmoil in teens, believing the only way to keep them safe from themselves, is to call the authorities and have them committed. What they are seeking are emotionally, well adjusted and complacent teenagers, boring, and devout of life. Leaving them only with happy, fond memories. Molding them into Stepford children.

I really enjoyed The Program, and felt it was more of a creepy contemporary romance novel with science fiction aspects. Sloane is a normal teenage girl, grieving over what her life has become and forced to keep her emotions locked away. This is her story and you'll want to fight the system alongside her the entire way.