Just One Day  - Gayle Forman Thoroughly enjoyed Just One Day, and couldn't put it down towards the end. Allyson is a good girl, well organised, a hard working student just trying to make her parents proud. Willem is a mystery, we only learn snippets of his life, but never who he really is. Not forthcoming with any information, so when Allyson and Willem sleep together, I'm mentally yelling 'No one is going to buy the cow when they are getting the milk for free love'. My inner monologue is apparently my mother with her outdated views on sexuality. Anyway, maybe I'm missing the point, I mean, can you really fall in love with someone after only one day?

I can understand the connection, but is it really just the concept of having someone change your life, or the circumstances in which he left that morning. I'm not sure how anyone could live up to that.

Really enjoyed it, it was riveting (especially in the last third) and couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the companion book, as told from Willem's point of view after that year of seperation.