The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1) - C.J. Duggan Full review at Diva Booknerd
Ohh, how I loved The Boys of Summer! Nothing compares to reading a great Aussie young adult novel, the slag, the pop culture references, it really helps to connect with the book and author.

Tess is the average 'every girl', we were all similar at one stage of our teen years. A little awkward, dodging rumours, daggy parents and those horrible nick names that everyone else finds funny, except yourself. The inevitable crush on that slightly older guy... Oh the memories!

The Twirly Whirly's, dinking your friends, sitting on the back porch with a stubby. Ms Duggan captures an Aussie summer through teen eyes perfectly. Makes me want to pop on the togs and bike it down to the local pool for a dip and a paddle pop.

I neeeeed 'Endless Summer', please Ms Duggan, if not I'm dobbing and won't be your best friend (most Aussie's will understand that)