Rape Girl - Alina Klein http://divainpyjamas.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/rape-girl-by-alina-klein.html

Valerie is strong, she's an inspiration to girls who are victims of sexual abuse. This will not define her.

Rape Girl made me beyond furious at the treatment of Valerie. She was painted by peers and trusted adults as a liar, that she was promiscuous, to stop playing the victim and move on with her life, often giving the impression that she had no right to tell anyone about what happened to her. But for all of the judgmental, so called 'inconvenienced' adults that Valerie should have been able to trust, luckily she had pillars of support. An unlikely friend, a councilor, a cute barista, a victim support group and her loving mother. It was the difference between living... And self destructing.

Rape Girl is raw and doesn't hold back.