Partials (Partials, #1) - Dan Wells 3.5 Stars

Partials wasn't at all what I expected and was surprisingly good, but not great. There is far too much to the storyline all at once, and I felt bombarded, it was just too busy.. It short, it's a post apocalyptic world, where super soldiers were created, essentially artificial humans. A deadly virus was released upon the world, and the only known settlements are the community on the island, and a rebel group called The Voice. Mix that in with a killer virus, forced pregnancies on eighteen year old girls, and lengthy speeches regarding genetics, scientific research, and the story ends up busier than an ice cream truck at a Weight Watchers meeting.

It's not all bad, it was actually more often entertaining and thrilling... In places. Since Partials took care of all the explanations, I'd be interested to read the next in the series, I have a suspicion I may in fact enjoy the next one far more.