The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

This book wasn't at all what I expected. I assumed it would have been practically the same as the film adaptation with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, but it had a completely different feel.

The book isn't a funny, romantic comedy. It's quite depressing and sad. Pat's mental health is never discussed clinically, apart from his aggressive tendencies and angry outbursts, you never truly know what the prognosis was that landed Pat in the mental hospital for years. The book also outlines the issues surrounding how people diagnosed with mental illnesses are treated and the effect of the support network. The main theme of the book is relationships, mostly strained. That between Pat and his father, Pat's parents, his therapist, between Pat and Tiffany and with his estranged wife. Pat's inner dialogue isn't that of a man in his thirties, you will find yourself wondering how old Pat really is. At times it is extremely childlike and frantic, almost borderline hyperactive. It felt more as though Pat might have had a cognitive disability, than mental illness.

Basically, if your looking for a fun romance, this isn't it. There IS no romance, only unrequited love, from several parties. An intelligent read, but sadly not for me.