Everbound (Everneath, #2) - Brodi Ashton Ramblings of a Diva Booknerd
3.5 Stars.
Everbound continues after the Everneath cliffhanger, where Jack is still in the tunnels after sacrificing himself to save Nikki from the same fate. Through connected dreams, Nikki can feel Jack starting to slip away and knows she needs to return to the Everneath to find him... Before It's too late.

Her father has her in therapy, and Jack's mother is livid and blames Nikki for her son's disappearance. After attempting Jack's rescue by herself, she needs to enlist the help of Cole. He reluctantly agrees, and along with Max, they navigate the Everneath 'rings', with only her tether to Jack to guide them. To maintain their connection, Nikki must remember memories of Jack and there are flashbacks to Nikki and Jack's relationship, in which Cole doesn't seem to fond of.

Everbound ends with a shocking twist that I didn't see coming, so fans will have to wait in agony for the final book. It's a good read, not great though. I blame the dreaded 'middle book syndrome'. What I did notice was how often the characters would remark, 'You should know this' or 'You know this', or 'Do you know this?', it felt as though they were talking in broken English at times and became annoying. All up, a good read and a significant ending that will leave you shell shocked.