XVI (XVI, #1) - Julia Karr 2.5 Stars
XVI was slow to begin. Really, really slow, and there weren't many explanations for the futuristic era in which it was set, until around half way through. The advanced technology wasn't explained at all, and you can only gauge what some items were by the usage throughout the book.

Women in general are portrayed as merely objects, but the so called Resistance only makes a brief appearance to protest the media advertisements bombarding citizens, not the equality of women. They weren't prominent at all throughout the storyline, and didn't seem to have much of a role apart from random broadcasts.

It was well written, but the characters aren't memorable, apart from Sandy. It seems she was created to be Nina's opposite, no respect for her body, loves male attention and seemingly wants to latch onto anything with a penis and a heartbeat, but she's irritating beyond belief. It was not bad, but left me feeling bored and flat, if not a little peeved that the storyline died before it was given a chance to take flight.