Ephemeral (The Countenance, #1) - Addison Moore http://divainpyjamas.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/ephemeral-by-addison-moore.html
Ephemeral can be considered a sister series to Addison Moore's popular Celestra series, but sadly, it isn't nearly as entertaining. Where Celestra was fluffy and fun, Ephemeral fails to deliver. The main protagonist Laken lacks personality, and isn't given the opportunity for the reader to relate whatsoever. I felt as though the Celestra series gave the reader more of an insight into Wes. Cooper, although quite likable, was reminiscent of a cardboard cutout and thrown into scenes without any real purpose at times.

Each chapter seems to have begun with a weather forecast, describing how the fog looked that particular day, and each chapter ended with the same rhetorical questions being asked, what was going on, and she sure as hell was going to find out. It's a shame it took over 400 pages. As much as I've enjoyed the Celestra series, I won't be continuing with Countenance.