Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford The concept of Entanglement was unique and unlike anything that I've read before, black magic transferring the essence of a deceased sister, to share the body of the remaining evil twin, alternating time spent within the human vessel. The two girls are polar opposites, so the reader will have no trouble determining which personality belongs to which girl. But sadly, it felt incomplete. I struggled with the fact that Charlene was not only suicidal, but her family feared that she was more than capable to hurting another girl. It felt not only skimmed over, but rather than address the girl's violent mental state, the mother awards her with a new outfit to win back her boyfriend, excusing that it'll distract her.

If Charlene was created to be less dangerous, it would have been far more feasible. Apart from the mentally unstable, murderous girl, I really enjoyed it. It left far more questions than answers, and that may be the incentive you need to continue with the series.