Fallen (Fallen, #1) - Lauren Kate Most readers who have discovered the Fallen series either seem to be delighted or repulsed, and I can safely say that I'm neither. It didn't invoke any emotion apart from a feeling of boredom. To put it in perspective, I would rate it slightly more favorable than Hush Hush, but even Twilight was far more entertaining.

The storyline was not only predictable, it dragged. Against my better judgement, I kept reading, wondering if perhaps there could have been a plot twist on the horizon. Sadly, no. The so called 'reveal' seemed to be what was already blatantly obvious within the first few chapters, and by then, I had no interest in any of the characters or the bizarre love triangle of good and evil.

If Luce had a backbone, a personality other than being a boy hungry doormat and stopped flinging herself at anyone who happened to make her feel special, it could have been far easier to read and tolerate. Whinging pyromaniacs who can list their hobbies as stalking, invading others privacy, able to watch fellow students die and feel it's unnecessary to intervene, and still find the time to be the poster girl for a junior Stepford Wife, have no place on my bookshelf.