The Dead and the Gone (Last Survivors, #2) - Susan Beth Pfeffer
The Dead And The Gone tells the story of the the moon meteorite, from Alex's point of view, living in New York. It doesn't retrace the natural disasters from the first in the series, Life As We Knew It, but rather how survival is measured through the eyes of Alex, the intelligent Puerto Rican New Yorker. Alex and his siblings turn to religion in the face of loss and devastation, and attend Catholic school's within the area. Alex struggles with now being the caregiver and provider to two younger siblings, and his ideals can be awry in some instances, if not delusional.

Not as terrifying or strangely captivating as Life As We Knew It, but it's somewhat entertaining. The characters just weren't engaging and their scenario was more over dramatised than dire at times. I'm hoping the third book offers redemption.